Make memories that last a lifetime.
Two Barns, a Bridal Suite and Guest House.
All Surrounded By Beautiful Views.

Providence Barn

Providence Barn is the backdrop for the romantic, rustic, and elegant barn wedding you envision. Situated west-to-east, the event space is approximately 40' x 40'. The space is very flexible and can accommodate a small, intimate ceremony and reception or larger gathering. Our wedding coordinator will work with you to maximize use of the barn and surrounding outdoor spaces.

The Barn for which the venue is named is an original Dutch Barn that dates back to the 1700’s. You can't help but feel the charm, romance and rustic luxury of the space with its original massive post-and-beam wood frame, held in place with wooden pegs. The original barn doors have been replaced with vast picture windows to take advantage of the expansive views of the farm, the Adirondack mountains and the beauty of the Stone Arabia farming community.

Providence Barn sits within well-maintained grounds, and is neighbor to a small, picturesque apple orchard. The surrounding grounds include ample space for a large group of guests for an indoor or outdoor celebration.

What's Included

The English Barn

The English Barn is the perfect place for your wedding receiption and after-party.

Dating back to the late 1700 or early 1800’s and designed as a “pass through” barn, teams would pull wagons loaded with hay could through the enormous doors on one side, unload the hay into the haymow, and drive out the other side without having to back up. The loads of hay were often stacked so high they could topple, so the barn doors and inside spaces had to be tall enough to leave room for them.

The barn's roof height is approximately 60 feet and predominates over the grounds with traditional and stately beauty. A catwalk connects the two sides of the span and is a perfect location for bistro lighting and other decor. The center of the English barn is flanked by a 15’ wide hallway and connected horse stalls that create an intimate space that positively exudes rustic charm. Adjoining both spaces is a large room that once housed the horse grooming/vetting tie-stall, which today, with its room-length counter, has become home to a catered buffet and bar.

The English barn is also home to the "Tack Room" Lounge, a game room stall, the haymow for seating, and a bar area. Capacity is dependent upon your use of space, and it should be noted that this barn is versatile.

Photo copyright Renée Horlbeck

Bridal Suite and Guest House

The Bridal Suite and Guest House is an airy, well-lit, private space that can be used by the wedding party to prepare for the ceremony or freshen up throughout the celebration. We include the use of the bridal suite during your event with every venue rental. The Suite may also be rented for an overnight stay; just contact us for details on availability and special packages!

Surrounding Spaces

Providence Barn of Stone Arabia is home to many fabulous views, traditional scenes and indoor and outdoor spaces. We can discuss photography options and use of other parts of the farm upon inquiry.